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  • Improving the health of Wyndham

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    With population growth in Wyndham expected to be as many as 4000 annually, the demand on the public health sector will continue to rise as will the economic cost of physical inactivity within Wyndham.

    Approximately 47% of Wyndham residents do not participate in sufficient levels of physical activity. In 2008 Medibank Private highlighted that the cost of physical inactivity to the Australian economy is estimated to be $13.8 Billion and that it is estimated that 16,178 Australians die prematurely each year due to physical inactivity and productivity lost equates to 1.8 working days per worker per year. 

    This is further highlighted by the World Health organization (WHO) who released figures stating approximately 1.9 million deaths per year worldwide are due to inactivity, about 10-16% of breast cancer, colon cancer and diabetes and about 22% of coronary heart disease. 

    However the challenge for ExHealth is emphasized by the general notes of the U.S Surgeon who states " that many people may be surprised at the extent and strength of evidence linking physical activity to numerous health improvements. Most significantly regular physical activity greatly reduces the risk of dying from coronary heart disease, developing diabetes, reducing the risk of hypertension and colon cancer. It enhances mental health, fosters healthy muscles, bone and joints and helps maintain function and preserve independence in older adults".


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