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  • Investing in yourself

    mapping your past...

    During your initial consultation, the most important process is to map your past. We do this by understanding your barriers to movement and health.

    This includes

    1. Illness

    2. Pain - chronic and acute

    3. Injury

    4. Limitations or difficulties undertaking daily chores and tasks

    5. Lifestyle and work history

    clinical testing is critical...

    Patients are clinically tested. This allows the prescription to be within your capabilities. Overloading the body (appropriately) is important as it allows our bodies to adapt to exercise but we dont need to go beyond what you are capable of.  The testing set our baselines and allows us to drive physiological change such as:

    1.  Decreasing your blood sugar levels (BsL/HbA1C)

    2.  Improving cholesterol levels

    3.  Decreasing chronic pain levels

    4.  Improving cardiovascular risk markers such as weight or blood pressure

    5.  Decreasing CK levels

    6.  Improving muscle size (hypertrophy) and function

    7.  Improving efficiency of respiratory muscle (lungs, diaphragm)

    8.  Improved athletic performance

    9.  Decreasing fatigue

    10.  Improving subjective measurements of depression and anxiety

    achievable goals...

    Programs are achievable, needs based and are purpose designed. Clinical testing allows this to be done with precision and is a big part of ExHealth's philosophy. We use a range of clinical equipment.

    Patients develop SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and TIME BASED). Our role in helping you improve your health is to educate you on the most effective self-management strategy. All programs can be conducted onsite, at home, within your local gym. Equipment is not a prerequisite.

    all things history...

    The patient intervention model at ExHealth Rehabilitation Services is our differentiating point. Patients are EMPOWERED and INSPIRED. This is undertaken by working closely with patients, assisting them through each stage of change. They understand their conditions and understand time frames for clinical changes to occur.

    From service fees and consultation times to best practice evidence and working professionally with a mentor, ExHealth has created its care model around you the PATIENT. 

    ExHealth believes that it is important to have a BALANCED conversation about exercise and exercise therapy. It treats each patient as an individual and programs are "hands on" as such therapy models are designed to offer patients REAL functional outcomes and ACHIEVE key learning objectives.

    are you listed below...

    Common conditions we work with include;

    1.  Weight Management

    2.  Cardiovascular Disease

    3.  Hypertension

    4.  Stroke

    5.  Pulmonary Disease; Asthma, COPD

    6.  Parkinsons

    7.  Multiple Sclerosis

    8.  Cerebral Palsy

    9.  Metabolic conditions such as PCOS, Metabolic Disease, Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes - Insulin and Non Insulin Dependent 

    10.  Musculoskeletal - Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis, Lumbar & Core Stabilisation Programs, Hip/Pelvic & Gluteal Stabilisation Programs

    11.  Aspergers, Intellectual disabilities, down syndrome

    12.  Fibromyalgia

    13.  Falls Risk & Balance Programs


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